India has one of the most valued work forces in the global market. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries have always appreciated the quality of intellectual mass that migrated from India. Besides, the fact that the Indian currency is below the level of the major global currencies, it makes it possible for these countries to employ the best there is at a appreciable lower cost than the market price, while at the same time keeping the employees highly satisfied. This always provides a win-win situation. This is the reason why the BPO and IT boomed in India and now is spreading over China. The preferred areas for migration for work are New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Canada, UK and other countries, though Australia is in high priority list. Australia encourages migration from India and other countries according to their available demand.
All countries in the world have experienced some degree of international migrations. The number of countries that are the source or destination of sizable international migration has been rising. Increasing globalization and integration of international economy facilitated by communication and transport revolutions have been contributing to this trend. As a result of the communication and transport revolution it is easier now to know about and pursue the opportunities abroad. Policy makers need statistics on migration to maximize its positive potential and minimize its potential negative effects. In the absence of required statistics, the magnitude, types and impacts of the migratory flows are not well known or understood. Migration is a complex socio-political and economic phenomenon and therefore, the needs for migration related data are far-reaching. These needs include immigration control, labour employment, health and skill assessments, Remittance flows, etc.
The surge in globalization since the end of World War II has been fueled chiefly by an international exchange of goods and capital rather than people. There are signs, however, that international migrants are playing an increasingly important role in globalization as the world enters the twenty-first century. Our Expertise is in Australian Immigration, though we provide our services for countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc…


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